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Dragon Beard Candy: What Is It, Where Is It and How Do You Make It?


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Dragon Beard Candy: What Does It Taste Like and Where Can I Find It?
dragon beard candy taste montreal

Dragon beard candy signed Johnny Chin.

Photo © Evelyn Reid
Dragon Beard Candy: What Does It Taste Like?

What's interesting about dragon beard candy is how people describe in different ways. I asked a group of ladies who watched as Johnny Chin worked his magic and each had a different response. One said it tasted like taffy, another said it was like eating baklava but less sticky, and yet another was reminded of nougat.

I agree with all three of them and yet, none of them. Dragon beard candy is sweet, but not too much, and it has a hint of saltiness. My favorite part is feeling the threaded texture of the dragon beard melt in my mouth, turning into a chewy layer that melds with the crunchy center.

But frankly, none of these descriptions do the candy justice. You really must try Johnny Chin's dragon beard candy first hand to understand why it's so unique. And ask him to make it in front of you!

Dragon Beard Candy by Johnny Chin
52B de la Gauchetière, corner of Clark; Place d'Armes Metro
INFO: (514) 529-4601

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