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Dragon Beard Candy: What Is It, Where Is It and How Do You Make It?


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Dragon Beard Candy in Montreal and Around the World
dragon beard candy montreal johnny chin

Dragon beard candy signed Montreal's Johnny Chin.

Photo © Evelyn Reid
Apart from Hong Kong where dragon beard candy stands are not uncommon, there are but a handful of places in the world that sell this rare and ancient confection. It's also possible to order dragon beard candy online but nothing comes close to eating it freshly prepared.

Stands have been reported in Beijing, Taipei, Singapore as well as New York City, Boston, Vancouver and Toronto, though Montrealer Johnny Chin says he was the first dragon beard candy master to introduce it to North America, back in November 1991, when he opened his shop in Montreal Chinatown.

But what makes Montreal's source of dragon beard candy so special? According to Johnny Chin, he makes the candy seven days a week. Apart from a stand in the Hong Kong International Airport that sells candy "seven times more expensive than mine," he says, "my shop might be the only place in the world that sells dragon beard candy every day."

Discover the imperial myth behind this age-old delicacy, once reserved only for a handful of mouths throughout several centuries, or skip ahead and find out how to make candy that looks like hair.

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