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Patati Patata: A Montreal Diner Review

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The Bottom Line

The little diner that could, Patati Patata has only 13 seats, but staff make up for the small size by adding lovely twists and extras to typically straightforward fast food and by welcoming you to partake in their open kitchen space, with the welcoming warmth of an old friend.


  • Big portions.
  • Small price.
  • Great selection.
  • Staff are very friendly.


  • Exceptionally cramped.
  • Lineups are common.


  • Location: 4177 St Laurent, corner of Rachel
  • Get there: Mont-Royal Metro
  • Phone: (514) 844-0216

Guide Review - Patati Patata: A Montreal Diner Review

I've never had a poutine served with black olive garnish. Or with wine-meets-chicken-stock sauce. Or with a bowl of borscht either, but that's always a possibility at Patati Patata. And what the diner lacks in space is made up for in the details.

Omelettes, crepes, hamburgers, stir-fried tofu and veggies, the menu is varied, the ingredients fresh, the toppings are generous and for $10, you could buy enough food to last a day. The staff make you feel at home, offering regular updates to patrons waiting for a seat with an almost doting quality to their attentiveness.

At my last visit, the wait time for a seat was reasonable, about 15 minutes and then it took another ten to be served. My friend opted for a vegetable omelette (the omelettes come with a side order of baked beans, home fries, fruit and toasted baguette) and I decided to go all out with a poutine and a large hot dog. Particularly renowned for serving one of Montreal's best poutines, Patati Patata's wine gravy version gives the dish a distinctive flavor that some may find overpowering.

In the end, I couldn't finish either dish, neither could my friend but what we did eat hit the spot.

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