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La Raclette - A Montreal Restaurants Review

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La Raclette Restaurant Maple Pork Rib With Shublig Sausage

La Raclette Restaurant serving maple pork rib with shublig sausage.

Photo © Evelyn Reid

The Bottom Line

Good service with ample smiles in a comfy and conservatively colored, cow-inspired dining room, La Raclette is a sure bet, particularly if you stick with the house specialty (i.e., raclette) as a main course. With a casual to business casual dress code, La Raclette is inviting and especially suitable in the winter with dense, heavy meals dominating the menu. I rated it three stars but that's what I get for not ordering raclette as a main dish and not bringing a bottle of Alsace white. But if you've never tried raclette and match it with a good Riesling, you'll likely up the rating to three and a half, maybe four.


  • The raclette is great.
  • Flawless service, no lack of smiles and attentiveness.
  • Bring your own wine.
  • Laid back attire: casual to business casual dress.


  • Non-raclette dishes, while good, don't quite measure up to the house specialty.
  • Pricey for what you get, about $100 for two with tip.


  • Location: 1059 rue Gilford, corner of Christophe Colomb
  • Get there: Laurier Metro
  • Phone: (514) 524-8118

Guide Review - La Raclette - A Montreal Restaurants Review

I grew up (translation: ate it three, maybe four times every winter) on raclette, a variant on Swiss fondue, traditionally served with potatoes, baby gherkins and onions. So checking out La Raclette was a no-brainer, especially on a cold, November night. And the decor was an inviting antidote to outside's dreary rainy ick factor. A series of uncheesy cow photos, framed on one of the beige walls, somehow melded into the understated dining room.

So it was a half-full Thursday evening complete with reserved yet warm wait staff and our bus boy was particularly efficient, noticing when our glasses ran out of water faster than we did. After the green pea soup, and a mighty good pea soup at that, my dining companion and I both opted for the raclette appetizer, which was delicious, just like my childhood memories recall, though we both would have liked a bit more potato to cover the scraped cheese. And I had just enough time to devour most of the complimentary gherkins before our main dishes arrived.

I chose the marinated beef bavette on a bed of spinach and onions with vinaigrette and my companion went for the maple pork rib with Shublig sausage. Both dishes came with julienne potatoes, a side of rapini and beets that tasted like they'd been soaked in mustard. My bavette was a good cut but a wee bland; I would have appreciated a hint of seasoning. The pork rib was a little tough but tasty and the Shublig sausage was, well, okay.

The poire Hélène dessert, somewhat of a banana split but with pears, was divine, and the house frozen nougat had a nice flavor but it was soft ice cream (and I had my heart set on chewy, gooey nougat).

Nitpicking aside -- probably of side effect of the price, $50 a head at a bring your own wine does raise expectations -- we did enjoy our meals and sure, I'll be back. Just next time, I'm sticking with the raclette.

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