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Gibbys Steakhouse - A Montreal Restaurants Review

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Gibbys steakhouse Montreal

Inside Gibbys in Old Montreal

Photo © Evelyn Reid

The Bottom Line

An upscale haven of red meat, a dining experience as potentially bizarre as what the waitresses wear, you might get confused by Gibbys' time warp branding strategy (are we recreating the 19th century or the '50s) and the sometimes cordial, other times haughty service staff. But chances are great that over the course of an evening, you'll also grow to love what many consider to be the best steakhouse in Montreal.


  • Love the pre-appetizer pickles and nice touch with the palate-clearing lemon sorbet.
  • Steaks are outrageously fantastic.
  • Portions are fantastically massive.
  • Staff know their wine.
  • Complimentary bacon bits, unlimited pickles and free valet parking.


  • Prices are corporate card high.
  • Frilly apron dress uniforms imposed on staff have got to go.
  • Staff look mildly depressed.
  • Vegetarian? Don't bother. Menu is limited to red meat, some fish and seafood.


  • Location: 298 Place D'Youville, corner of St. François-Xavier, below St. Paul
  • Get There: Square-Victoria Metro
  • Phone: (514) 282-1837

Guide Review - Gibbys Steakhouse - A Montreal Restaurants Review

It was a mid-December evening of flurried weather and it took my dining companion three times as long to get to the Old Montreal steakhouse, a dining institution housed in what used to be stables 200 years ago. But he didn't care that he couldn't see more than ten feet in front of him. He'd been to Gibbys before and judging by the two-thirds full dining room on a Tuesday, it would take more than a snowstorm to keep this group of dressy meat eaters at bay.

Leaving our coats with Gibbys' vegan coat check staffer, my first impression of the dimly-lit, spacious dining room didn't form until I got accustomed to the (timeless?) uniforms worn by the serving staff, with colors that seemed to match the weathered woodwork. Our first waitress, low on congeniality but professional, recommended a 2005 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Savignon by Schug, a solid choice that worked wonders with our slabs of red meat.

I chose the mignons of beef Diane with the sinfully fatty (and delicious) Monte Carlo potato, double baked with bacon, sour cream and chives. The dish came with two aged fillets mignon and the sauce, cognac-based with black peppercorn, shallots and mushrooms, was perfection. Now my dish was slow-motion-eye-closing good but I dare anyone to find a steak in Montreal that can top Gibbys' one and a half inch thick New York cut pepper steak with cognac and Madagascar green peppercorn sauce, aged up to 31 days.

Finishing off the meal with complimentary mint chocolates, our waitress recommended the Gibbys' Chocolate Delight, a cylinder-shaped chocolate mousse dipped in dark chocolate with crunchy chocolate nuggets of some sort. I'm not a big chocolate cake fan but I took a chance anyways. The outcome? Sweet damnation.

With all things considered, Gibbys was fabulous. Now I didn't pick up the bill. But those $50 steaks were worth every penny.

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 1 out of 5
Why would anyone eat at Gibbey's?, Member dcamster

Gibby's has a reputation as a Montreal institution one of the city's great steakhouses. Based on my horrid experience last night, and an equally bad experience 4 years ago (this second-chance visit was requested by my date), I cannot fathom why. Before going, consider... Cost: Ridiculous relative to quality, e.g. $48 steaks (mediocre at best -- see below for worst) Ambience: Like eating in a huge ski lodge or warehouse, albeit with old stone walls and wood beams. What's more, their operating philosophy seems to be all about turnover: ""pack 'em in, rush 'em through."" Service: Nothing short of appalling -- servers all rushing, utterly impersonal, going through the motions as if they were all recruited from a cheap diner, complete with odd, ugly brown diner uniforms. (Seriously, in all ways, it was unbelievable for a restaurant with this reputation.) Food: $48 pepper steak came wizened, not cooked as requested, and literally DROWNING in a plate of sauce that looked like cream of mushroom soup. It was nothing short of offensive to look -- especially once this obviously roux-based concoction began to congeal on the plate --and was next to inedible. I would have been embarassed to serve this slop to guests at my own house (and never would have)! Overall experience: I left, after discussing all the above with the manager (who offered simply to take it up with HER boss), feeling disgusted -- utterly taken in and ripped off. Without question it was my all-time worst dining experience -- and worst value for dollar I have ever received. NEVER again!

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