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Benedicts Restaurant - A Montreal Restaurants Review

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benedicts montreal brunch restaurant
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The Bottom Line

With breakfasts served seven days a week until 4 p.m., the prices are not cheap per se, but portions are generous, huge enough to fill an afternoon brunchee for the day. Dishes vary from simple omelettes to Grand Marnier flambeed french toast to sirloin steak and eggs, but does the restaurant live up to its namesake? Yes! The eggs Benedict are sufficiently saucy, runny and this Monkland village joint serves a generous two per plate, two delectably poached delights.

So the next time you want some of the best eggs in Montreal, service with a smile, and a fine selection of crepes and french toast, look no further.


  • Terrace is a treat on warm days.
  • Service is quick and friendly.
  • Weekend lineups are shortened or avoided by calling ahead.
  • Portions are generous.
  • Prices are reasonable in light of portions.


  • Dining room lacks intimacy.
  • Coffee is borderline mediocre.
  • People-watching fans on the terrace may wish they were closer to the Monkland Village epicenter.


Guide Review - Benedicts Restaurant - A Montreal Restaurants Review

A staple on the western edge of N.D.G.'s Monkland Village, Benedicts typically attracts a mix of what you'd expect from trendy Monkland avenue: families dressed in dockers and designer yoga pants, couples in crisp denims, maybe a hoodie here and there and a fair show of local twenty and thirty somethings opting for a slightly upscale breakfast instead of the legend/hangover cure that is Cosmo's, a few blocks south.

The day I last went -- having been consistently satisfied in the past, with about a couple dozen visits over the last decade -- was an early spring Sunday afternoon and the room consisted of a relaxed yet high-decibel crowd. There was a small lineup with three couples plus our twosome. We arrived last but were seated first, waiting less than ten minutes courtesy of spontaneous reservations made an hour earlier, while the others waited at least another ten for a table plus however long before we arrived.

The service, from the moment we sat down, was impeccable and the timing, right on cue throughout the lingering brunch, from order to coffee refill time. Their specialty, eggs, naturally monopolizes the breakfast menu with green eggs and ham, no less than 14 omelette varieties, and six different eggs Benedict, from smoked salmon to Florentine to mushroom and Brie. I stuck with traditional eggs Benedict and they were completely covered in luscious sauce, with enough homemade Hollandaise left to serve as dip for the home fries, included in the meal.

My dining companion kept it simple with two eggs and sausage. The sausages were double, if not triple the size of regular pork links served at every other breakfast joint and home fries were plentiful in both our plates.

To illustrate my point on the portions ... I ate around 2 p.m. and apart from a small snack, I was full until bedtime.

Benedicts also serves lunch and dinner.

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