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Kitchen Collectives in Montreal

Eat Better and Save Money With Kitchen Collectives


Centering around the values of respect, dignity, democracy, solidarity and social justice, everyone of every age, creed, and life situation is welcome to join one of Montreal's many kitchen collectives or cuisines collectives.

What is a kitchen collective?
Generally consisting of four to five people, Montreal collective kitchens group member resources together to plan, buy and cook healthy and delicious meals. By pooling their time, money and skills, meals end up costing, on average, only $1 per portion.

Who can join a kitchen collective?
Young, old, rich, poor, anyone can start or join a kitchen collective in Montreal.

What are the advantages of joining a kitchen collective?
Apart from saving on groceries by paying bulk prices as a group, it is a wonderful way for the cooking-impaired to learn some new recipes, get more variety in their diet, even make new friends. A great context for single parents who may not feel competent in the kitchen or for families have difficulty coming up with varied meal plans, it's also a way to get the kids involved in the cooking process and learn how to cook low fat, ethnic or vegetarian dishes, depending on the kitchen collective you join.

What are the disadvantages of joining a kitchen collective?
The inevitable politics and scheduling conflicts that arise in a cooperative group context are points to consider. Furthermore, if you already plan, purchase and cook a varied menu of well-balanced and tightly budgeted meals, then you might find being part of a kitchen collective is more time-consuming than when you went it alone. Maybe community-supported agriculture, public markets or food coops are better fits for your situation.

How do I start or join a kitchen collective?
It's easy! Pool resources together with some friends, coworkers or family members. You could also call or email these kitchen collective associations or organizations in Montreal, categorized by neighborhood, and ask to join an existing group.

Service de Nutrition et d'Action Communautaire d'Ahuntsic
INFO: (514) 385-6499

Cuisines Collectives Centre-Sud
INFO: (514) 528-1989

Centre-Ville (Downtown)
Centre des Femmes de Montréal
INFO: (514) 842-4780

Relais Côte-des-Neiges
INFO: (514) 735-3498

Cuisines Collectives Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
INFO: (514) 529-0789

Carrefour d'Entraide de Lachine
INFO: (514) 634-3686

Cuisine collectives du SÉSAME
INFO: (514) 493-7656

Entre Parents
INFO: (514) 329-1233

Parc Extension
Cuisines Collectives Saint-Roch
INFO: (514) 948-3631

Petite Bourgogne
Comité d'Education des Adultes Petite Bourgogne et St-Henri (CEDA)
INFO: (514) 596-4423

Petite Patrie
Cuisine Collective Amicale Petite Patrie
INFO: (514) 722-3804

Plateau Mont-Royal
Centre des Femmes de Montréal
INFO: (514) 842-4780

Plateau Mont-Royal
La Maison d'Aurore
INFO: (514) 527-9075

Plateau Mont-Royal
Cuisine Collective la Maison de l'Amitié
INFO: (514) 843-4356

Plateau Mont-Royal
Les Cuisines Collectives du Grand Plateau
INFO: (514) 523-1752

Pointe aux Trembles
Cuisines Collectives A Toute Vapeur
INFO: (514) 640-5088

Pointe Saint-Charles
Cuisines Collectives du Club populaire des Consommateurs
INFO: (514) 932-5088

Pointe Saint-Charles
Cuisine Collective Alpha
INFO: (514) 596-4444

Bouffe-Action Rosemont
INFO: (514) 523-2460

Comité d'Education des Adultes Petite Bourgogne et St-Henri (CEDA)
INFO: (514) 596-4422

Centre Communautaire Bon Courage
INFO: (514) 744-0897

Association Haïtiano-Canado-Québécoise
INFO: (514) 852-1011

La Table Ronde St-Laurent
INFO: (514) 955-6464

Maison d'Entraide St-Paul/Emard
INFO: (514) 761-1280

Cuisines Collectives de la Maison de Quartier Villeray
INFO: (514) 272-4589

For a complete list of collective kitchens in Laval, the South Shore as well as across the province of Quebec, consult the list (in French) available at the Regroupements des Cuisines Collectives du Québec website.

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