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Montreal Restaurants, Wine Bars, Microbreweries and Food Artisans

Everything you want to know about Montreal's internationally acclaimed food and wine scene including listings and reviews of Montreal restaurants, wine bars, microbreweries and local food artisans.
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Montreal Food
In case you haven't heard, Montreal is gaga over food. The city oozes with restaurants, unique culinary traditions from across Quebec and foodies spoiled by an enviable selection of local produce. More recently, TV chef Gordon Ramsay chose Montreal to anchor his first Canadian restaurant venture. But he's...

Saka-Ba: Montreal Ramen Bar
Saka-Ba is a Montreal ramen bar restaurant and izakaya run by Juni chef Junichi Ikematsu. The first ramen bar of its kind in Montreal, find out what you need to know before dropping by Saka-Ban.

Resto Végo
Resto Végo is a Montreal vegetarian and vegan restaurant chain well-known to locals under its previous moniker, Le Commensal. Find out what to expect at your next visit.

Montreal Brunch Spots: Only the Best
Ask ten Montreal residents where's the best place to brunch and you'll get ten markedly different answers. Some are willing to linger in lineups as legendary as the brunch spots themselves while others can't bare any wait lest the pain of caffeine withdrawal sets in.

Atame Montreal Aphrodisiac Restaurant
Atame is Montreal's one and only aphrodisiac restaurant, an ode to the senses that extends beyond food, incorporating live music and cabaret into the fold.

Prohibition Montreal
Prohibition is a Montreal restaurant located in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighborhood's Monkland Village and is considered by more than a few to be one of the best places in the city to do brunch, with less than ten signature dishes offered for the weekend occasion. But brunch isn't the only ace up management's sleeve.

Toqué Presents Recipes from 'Toqué! Creators of a New Gastronomy'
Toqué, one of Montreal as well as Canada's best of the best restaurants, practically defines what is Québécois haute cuisine courtesy of the restaurant's co-founder and chef Normand Laprise. And after 20 years of praises, Toqué is finally releasing a cookbook. And its authors have let me share with you a few recipes, insanely perfect recipes...

Jamie Oliver's Maison Publique: A Montreal Restaurant Pub
Jamie Oliver's Maison Publique is a Montreal restaurant pub serving typical British tavern fare, though if you ask Oliver's partner, Montreal chef Derek Dammann, fish and chips won't be on the menu.

Tripes & Caviar
Tripes & Caviar is a Montreal restaurant bent on anti-foodism, cooking without waste and offering up only the finest in offal cuisine. And then some.

Montreal's Best Upscale Late-Night Menus
Upscale Montreal restaurants are increasingly offering special deals in the form of late-night menus, to the collective delight of foodies on a budget. But not all late-night menus are made equal. I've hand-selected some of the best ones available for your consideration, including amazing prices on some of the best steaks, French bistro,...

Gryphon d'Or: The Bakery, The Brunch Spot, The Tea Room
Outside of the Irish pub circuit, Montreal's Celtic scene is virtually non-existent. Save one locale. Gryphon d'Or.

Laurier Gordon Ramsay: Montreal Restaurant a Canadian First
It's official. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's first Canadian venture takes root in Montreal as of August 10, 2011, in a local BBQ chicken institution some say was way past its prime -- to quote one of my readers, Jonboy: "the absolute WORST place for chicken I’ve ever eaten in ... and even worse was the sauce, a putrid concoction of vile tasting...

Le Bremner: Haute Diner Signed Chuck Hughes
Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes calls his latest baby, Le Bremner, a "seafood diner." Montreal foodies call it the hottest restaurant of the moment, having opened its doors to the public July 13, 2011. And if Le Bremner is any repeat of Hughes' success with Garde-Manger, expect said diner to hang onto that 15-minute title for another year. Or three.

Brasserie Central: Westmount's New French Brasserie
Brasserie Central's is Westmount's answer to the French Brasserie, with a kitchen armed with a Michelin-starred Brittany-born chef, and a bar manned by an inventive and charming bartender and the loveliest oyster shucker I've ever met.

Montreal Terraces, Terrasses or Patios
Montreal terraces, or 'terrasses' as locals call them, are an omnipresent city feature come springtime, an integral part of the Montreal lifestyle which stays put as long as it's warm enough to enjoy patio life, a season lasting some time between April and October, weather (and outdoor heater) permitting. And they're everywhere. But if I had to...

Ice Restaurant Pommery
Fancy eating in the comfort of a subzero ambiance? Montreal's ice restaurant Mont Blanc proposes a Nordic menu and a unique experience. One of the Montreal Snow Village's key attractions.

Globe: A Montreal Restaurant Review
Having attracted its fair share of celebs over its close to 20-year run, from David Bowie to Robert DeNiro to George Clooney et. al., it’s business as usual to find heads of state, sheiks, professional hockey players or the cast of a Hollywood production on a shoot break, all supping in peace at Globe, the Boulevard St. Laurent hot spot.

Montreal Street Food: Where to Find Montreal Food Trucks
Montreal street food is more plentiful than ever with a brigade of 27 Montreal trucks taking to the city's public spaces as of the summer of 2013. Find out where my favorite hot spots are located.

Bloody Caesar Drink Recipe
A Bloody Caesar drink recipe, Montreal style. Learn how to make a Bloody Caesar, the Bloody Mary's close cocktail relative.

Barroco: Not an Old Montreal Tourist Trap
Part exposed wood beams à la country cottage, part 200-year-old stone walls meets eccentric Transylvanian castle owner with a penchant for white studded leather seating arrangements and dimmer than dim lighting, Barroco, an Old Montreal mainstay since 2008, is arguably among the neighborhood’s top five dining establishments. Find out why.

Le Mas des Oliviers: A French Restaurant Review
A Le Mas des Oliviers Montreal French restaurant review. For whatever reason, Le Mas des Oliviers doesn't get much media buzz. Or any buzz. Yet it's long been considered a dining powerhouse for the rich and influential. I scoped the scene to see what all the fuss, or lack thereof, was about, and came out a little surprised.

Montreal Smoked Meat: What Is It, Exactly?
Montreal smoked meat. You've heard about it, some people salivate like Pavlov's dogs at the sight of it, others complain that it's a pastrami wannabe, but what is it exactly? And where are the best places in town to eat Montreal smoked meat?

Schwartz Montreal: A Montreal Smoked Meat Deli Review
Schwartz's Deli in Montreal is frequently proclaimed the king of smoked meat. But is Schwartz the end all of Montreal smoked meat?

Beavertails: Beaver What?
Beavertails, "beaver tails," or "queues de castor," as we call them in Quebec, do not originate from Montreal or anywhere in Quebec as some may mistakenly believe. Rather, they're an Ottawa invention that for whatever reason, caught on so much in Quebec that the eponymous pastry chain BeaverTails has a heavier concentration of outlets in the...

Orange Julep Gibeau: A Mystery Drink, A Montreal Favorite
Orange Julep is one of Montreal's favorite institutions, one featuring a humongous orange beacon, a mysterious beverage and weekly car shows in warmer months. And there's no other place like it in Montreal. Or Canada. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Méchant Boeuf: Best Burger in Town?
The thing with Méchant Boeuf is it appears to have a good thing going with its crab and scallop ceviche, assortment of oysters -- think plump Village Bay oysters topped with champagne and caviar or Guinness seasoned malpecs -- and seafood platters. Unfortunately, I didn't try any of the above. But what I did ingest -- mostly beef -- left me wanting, and to be blunt, feeling a wee ripped off.

Oyster Shack Restaurant - A Montreal Restaurants Review
I grew up on top quality seafood thanks to a now ex-step family of fishermen from the shores of Matane. So when the Oyster Shack suggests they want to bring the shores of New Brunswick to Montreal, I hold them to their word. So the question is: does Oyster Shack do just that? Does the downtown Bishop street "shack" fare taste like it's straight from the sea?

Benedicts Restaurant - A Montreal Restaurants Review
With breakfasts served seven days a week until 4 p.m., prices at Benedicts, a Montreal brunch spot in the Monkland Village in operation since 1995, are not cheap per se, but portions are generous, huge enough to fill an afternoon brunchee for the day. Dishes vary from simple omelettes to Grand Marnier flambeed french toast to sirloin steak and eggs. But does the restaurant live up to its namesake?

Dragon Beard Candy: A Plentiful Rarity in Montreal
Apart from Hong Kong where dragon beard candy stands are not uncommon, there are but a handful of places that sell dragon beard candy around the world. But you won't have any trouble finding this rare and ancient confection in Montreal.

Montreal Restaurants Review: Le Milsa, a Brazilian Churrascaria
Unlimited meat on skewers grilled Brazilian style complemented by dancers in skimpy outfits accompanied by live tambourine shaking ... is Le Milsa worth a go?

Romantic Restaurants in Montreal
Whether you're celebrating a wedding anniversary, toasting a birthday or looking to woo a loved one on Valentine's Day, the following Montreal restaurants bring something unique to the table, from a romantic atmosphere to prime service to quality cuisine at prices that, while not exactly cheap, won't set you back a month's rent.

Poutine in Montreal - The Best Poutine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I told you where to find the best poutine in Montreal. Now you tell me.

Review of Pintxo, A Montreal Basque Restaurants Review
At the risk of having tomatoes from Pintxo's expanding fan base thrown in my general direction, I have to say, I wasn't thrilled with the experience. But this restaurant has amassed nothing but glowing reviews across the board, from critics and patrons alike. And odds are stacked in anyone's favor that an evening at Pintxo will be a success. So what's my problem?

Yuukai Sushi: A Montreal Restaurants Review
More bring your own wine sushi restaurants are popping up in Montreal, so the fable goes, so as I wish you good luck finding another BYO sushi restaurant in town that actually exists, find out if Yuukai's sushi is worth the trip.

Gibbys Steakhouse - A Montreal Restaurants Review
An upscale haven of red meat, a dining experience as potentially bizarre as what the waitresses wear, here's a breakdown of what to expect at Gibbys, a steakhouse in Old Montreal.

Marché 27 - A Montreal Restaurants Review
Do you have a passion for fish and/or meat uncooked, are afflicted by a finicky palate but have a budget as fragile as fine hair?

Trattoria Trestevere - A Montreal Restaurants Review
With legions of loyal fans, does Trattoria Trestevere's fine Italian dining live up to the hype?

Montreal Restaurants Review - Elio's, an Italian Restaurant in Montreal
In operation since 1964, it had been since 2005 that I'd meant to check out Elio's, after a then boyfriend mentioned that it tasted like Italian home cooking. "But everyone says that about their favorite Italian restaurant," I thought, so I dragged my feet until I heard it a second time, then a third that Elio's is 'it'.

Montreal Restaurants Review - Le Nile Bleu, an Ethiopian Restaurant in Montreal
So you're about to go on a first date and you're in the mood for curry flavors but you're wondering ... is she high maintenance? Does he have a temper? Find out fast with Montreal's Ethiopian gem, Le Nil Bleu.

La Colombe - A Montreal Restaurants Review
Just on the outskirts of Montreal's bring-your-own-wine mecca on Duluth Street, some of this town's top critics laud this humble restaurant as the best BYO in Montreal. Find out what your humble guide thinks.

Cosmo - A Montreal Diner Review
Find out why Cosmo is the best place in town for breakfast. A very greasy breakfast.

La Maison du Cari/Curry House - A Montreal Restaurants Review
Read up on La Maison du Cari, Montreal's top Indian curry house in the heart of downtown Montreal. A Montreal restaurants review.

La Raclette - A Montreal Restaurants Review
One of the few places in Montreal that serves raclette, find out to expect at this Swiss-themed restaurant.

Montreal Cafe Shaika & Galerie V: A Montreal Cafe Review
A review of Shaika Cafe, by About.com contributing writer Mike Payne.

Fruits and Vegetables in Season in the Greater Montreal Area
The first step to eating local is finding out what grows when. Find out what homegrown fruits and vegetables from Quebec are available by season and month.

Collective Kitchens in Montreal
Generally consisting of four to five people and centering around the values of respect, dignity, solidarity and social justice, a collective kitchen groups their resources together to plan, buy and cook healthy and delicious meals. By pooling their time, money and skills, meals end up costing, on average, only $1 per portion.

Montreal Food Cooperatives
Find out how to join a food co-op or "groupe d'achat" in Montreal, a great way to save money on groceries and eat some of the highest quality organic local produce available on the market.

Slow Food in Montreal: Your Guide to Eating Local
Eating locally produced organic foods such as fruits, vegetables and meat is synonymous with the slow food movement and widely viewed as more than just adding a few veggies grown in Quebec to the grocery bill. Find out all the ways you can eat homegrown, from Montreal's farmers markets to organic food baskets and more!

Montreal Tea Room Scene
The Montreal tea room scene has changed a lot. Gone are the days of sipping tea only in the afternoon at select restaurant hotels and private clubs. A breed of casual and accessible tea rooms have been quietly taking over, adding multicultural flair to the tea house experience. So do check out these six Montreal tea rooms, each with their own...

Montreal Brunch - What's Your Favorite Brunch in Montreal?
I've already listed some of the best brunch in Montreal for those among you new in town and/or in desperate need of foodie guidance, but there are so many great places to eat breakfast, there's no way I could list them all. So help me out. And help out your favorite joints with some free publicity! Tell us where you and yours love to brunch about!

Best Poutine in Montreal
Ravaging arteries across Quebec since 1957, poutine is more than a culinary staple in Montreal. From analyzing critical factors such as does-the-cheese-squeak to assessing gravy thickness and color, finding -- and more often, arguing over what is -- the ultimate poutine is a proud citywide obsession. So without further ado, check out Montreal's best poutine.

Montreal Tea House Cha Guan - A Review
Montreal tea house Cha Guan takes tea time to a new level. Read a review of the experience.

You Don't Need to Be Vegan to Crave Aux Vivres
A review of Montreal vegan restaurant Aux Vivres.

Clamato Recipe: How to Make Clamato Juice From Scratch
A clamato recipe for those of you interested in making clamato juice from scratch to drink as is or to make Bloody Caesars, the popular Canadian cocktail.

La Banquise - Montreal's Best Poutine
Find out about Montreal's best poutine. Read a review of the experience.

Patati Patata: A Montreal Diner Review
The little diner that could, Patati Patata has only 13 seats, but staff make up for the small size by adding lovely twists and extras to typically straightforward fast food and by welcoming you to partake in their open kitchen space with the warmth of an old friend.

Homemade Applesauce Recipe
Making homemade applesauce is easy! Find out how with this homemade applesauce recipe.

Le Club Sandwich - Fast Food Meets Flair
A review of Le Club Sandwich, the Gay Village's largest restaurant, open 24/7.

Split Pea Soup Recipe
Who said healthy eating is expensive?! Save money and eat a delicious well-balanced meal with my personal yellow split pea soup recipe, a fun and spicy twist on a Quebec food staple, traditional pea soup. And each bowl ends up costing about only $0.40!

What is the SAQ?
What is the SAQ? The SAQ, or Société des alcools du Québec, which is French for Quebec Alcohol Corporation, is a crown corporation owned by the provincial government of Quebec. And it's where Montreal residents buy their wine. Most of the time.

Restaurant Jane: A Montreal Restaurants Review
Restaurant Jane is one of Montreal's newer joints to join in the battle for Montreal pizza supremacy. Ask local foodies "where's the best pizza in Montreal" and expect at least a couple of "there is no world class pizza in Montreal" type responses. But do they risk changing their tune with Jane?

Montreal Restaurants Open New Year's Day
Finding Montreal restaurants open New Year's eve? Not a problem. Finding Montreal restaurants open New Year's day? That's another story.

The Best Beers I Tasted at the Mondial de la Bire
Some of the best beers I've ever tasted have been at the Mondial de la Bire, aka the Montreal Beer Festival, one of the city's most popular annual events. Proposing over 600 different kinds of beer under the same roof, it would be borderline impossible not to find a beer you like. Then again, some of you do not actually like beer. This list is...

Jeremy & Vinita's Montreal Restaurant Guide
Great resource for planning a delicious night on the town. Emphasis is on French restaurants in Montreal.

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