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Montreal February 2014: Events and Attractions

Montreal February 2014: Events and Attractions


The cure to your February funk is a just a glance away. Check out what's happening in and around Montreal, from winter festivals to music events and more!

1. February 2014 Festivals and Highlights

montreal february 2014 festivals events
Photo courtesy of the Montreal High Lights Festival
Come out and play at Montreal's pre-eminent snow fest, the Fête des Neiges at Parc Jean-Drapeau or bank on the Montréal en Lumière's wide assortment of live shows, culinary events and outdoor freebies. Valentine's Day is also on its way and while the month usually closes shop with a loud, sleepless bang, courtesy of Nuit Blanche, Nuit Blanchers will have to wait until the beginning of March this year to pull their all-nighter. Oh, and did I mention one of my favorite events of the year is in February?

2. February 2014 Music, Concerts, Live Shows

montreal february 2014 concerts music dj sets
Kings of Leon perform February 24, 2014 at the Bell Centre. Zak Hussein / Getty Images

3. February 2014 Museums, Arts, Science

montreal february 2014 museums exhibits events
Every winter, the Insectarium proposes "Butterflies Go Free." Photo by Flickr user Zanastardust

4. February Weather

montreal february weather
Photo © Evelyn Reid
Not as statistically chilly as January, February is nonetheless COLD and much like its calendar neighbor, this is yet another month where you'll curse what looks like a beautiful day. A sunny day in February nearly guarantees bone-chilling, cold weather whereas a gray, cloudy day tends to announce a "warmer" outdoor experience complemented by snowfall.

5. Montreal Events Submission Form

montreal february 2014 events
Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images
Have an event to propose? Post it right here.

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