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Montreal December 2013

A Montreal December 2013 Guide


Well, the jingles (and assorted remixes) have started. The holiday season has officially been flung upon us so why not enjoy? Take your pick of holiday and non-holiday activities, listed just below!

1. December 2013 Festivals

Montreal December 2013 events. ste catherine street
Photo © Evelyn Reid
From Christmas events to Christmas shopping, December can feel mildly nauseating. Exhausting. Or invigorating, depending on your perspective. Though if you need a break from holiday-speak, consider dropping by one of Montreal's public markets. First choice? The Jean-Talon Market. And be aimless about it. Buy a bag full of rosebud tea, sample honey wine, grab a coffee, a baklava, crepe, samosa, whatever. And just sit down. And relax.

2. December 2013 Concerts

montreal december 2013 events festivals concerts
Rod Stewart performs December 14, 2013 at the Montreal Bell Centre. Getty Images
December is easily the slowest month for concerts in Montreal. Or anywhere for that matter. Not much in the way of big tickets, there's a huge drop in shows altogether as of December 21st, which happens ever year as holiday season takes hold. But there's still plenty of gems to enjoy, as I've discovered sifting through said limited listings.

Discover this month's highlights (with clips!) or go straight to the listings.

3. December 2013 Museum Exhibits

montreal december 2013 events museums
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

4. December Weather

montreal december 2011
Photo © Evelyn Reid
Though the season officially shifts December 21st, it definitely feels like winter by the first week of December, though it's usually a milder month than Montreal in January and February.

5. Reader-Submitted Events

montreal december 2011
Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images
Have a Montreal event to propose? Post it right here.

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