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Find Montreal Jobs With Emploi-Emploi-Québec


Emploi-Québec, in a nutshell, is a provincial government agency that helps Montrealers as well as residents across Quebec find jobs. Services are predominantly offered in French so if you are a unilingual English speaker in need of job search assistance, check out these Montreal employment services for anglophones. Otherwise, keep reading for a bird's eye view of the ways Emploi- Québec can help you find a job. (And on that extremely relevant note, if there's one single piece of advice I could give any anglophone looking to broaden their employment opportunities in Montreal, it would be to learn French ... now!)

  • Emploi-Québec's Online Job Listings
    Emploi-Québec's job search engine covers job offers for the entire province of Quebec. Narrow down the search to Île-de-Montréal to browse local employment opportunities listed by Montreal neighborhood.
  • Emploi-Québec's Financial Assistance and Self-Employment Programs
    From assistance in starting your own business, to helping with a return-to-work supplement to cover expenses such as new clothing, tools or office materials after landing a new job, to granting a wage subsidy that could entice a potential employer to hire you over your competition, find out if you're eligible to apply for one of Emploi-Québec's financial assistance and self-employment programs.
  • Emploi-Québec's Job Placement/Employment Services
    Emploi-Québec also offers career counseling, job placement assistance, information sessions on the labor market and more.
  • Emploi-Québec's Labor Market Information
    Find out more about the Montreal labor market and job prospects by skills level, trade and other measures.

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