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What's Open and Closed in Montreal on Christmas and New Year's Day?

Holiday Schedules for Montreal Restaurants, Markets, Malls and More


What's open and closed in Montreal on Christmas and New Year's Day? The city pretty much shuts itself down on those two days, but there are exceptions to the rule. The list below sums up what to expect but it isn't exhaustive enough to cover every mom & pop shop, restaurant and retail store and government branch in town. If in doubt, call the commerce, business or agency you wish to frequent directly for detailed scheduling information. Below looks at what's open in the realm of Montreal restaurants, movie theatres, markets, banks and shopping malls.


Montreal Restaurants Open Christmas Day
The restaurant situation in Montreal on Christmas day can be a drag. Foodies across the city concur choices are limited to dining in Chinatown and hotels. So I did a bit of digging and found out there's actually quite a few Montreal restaurants open Christmas day.

Montreal Restaurants Open New Year's Day
Finding Montreal restaurants open New Year's eve? Not a problem. Finding Montreal restaurants open New Year's day? That's another story. Nonetheless, I found some real restaurant gems open for business on New Year's day, including some of Montreal's best known culinary landmarks.

Movie Theatres
Some Montreal movie theatres are open Christmas Day and New Year's Day, including Dollar Cinema and downtown's AMC Pepsi-Forum (including the second floor arcade). Call other theatres for scheduling details.

Montreal's quintessential corner stores, at least the 24-hour chains, generally remain open.

Grocery stores/supermarkets larger than 375 square meters (4,037 feet) in size are legally obliged to close December 25 and January 1. Comparably smaller food markets can remain open at their discretion.

Some may remain open, especially the chains. Call your local pharmacy if in doubt.

Société des alcools du Québec
All SAQ liquor stores are closed on Christmas and New Year's Day, with varying schedules throughout the holiday season. Consult this document for SAQ schedule specifics (in French).

Public Markets
All of Montreal's public markets, including the Atwater Market, Marché Jean-Talon and Marché Maisonneuve, close December 25, December 26, January 1 and January 2 with reduced hours on December 24 and December 31, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Bonsecours Market closes only December 25 and January 1.

As a general rule, banks and financial institutions in Quebec close December 25, Boxing Day, January 1.

Shopping Malls
Montreal shopping malls are generally closed on December 25 and January 1. Call your mall of choice to find out exactly what time they open on Boxing Day, December 26.

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