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Montreal Christmas Tree Recycling: Pickup Schedule

Guide to Montreal Christmas Tree Recycling


Montreal Christmas Tree Recycling: When, Where, How
Every late December, but more likely early January, Montreal's boroughs schedule Christmas tree pickups. Many boroughs are collecting discarded Christmas trees Wednesday January 8, 2014 and Wednesday, January 15, 2014. Residents are nonetheless advised to double check. Find out when Montreal Christmas tree recycling is passing through your neighborhood online or by calling 311.

Where should I put my discarded Christmas tree?
Simply place discarded trees on the curb at the indicated time -- usually by 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. the day of pickup -- in front of your residence without blocking sidewalks, parking spots and driveways. Montreal Christmas tree recycling pick-up schedules are available online or by calling 311.

Can I leave my decorations on the Christmas tree?
No. Residents are asked to remove all decorations -- tinsel included -- before discarding Christmas trees on the curb.

What does city hall do with discarded Christmas trees?
Most discarded Christmas trees in Montreal are delivered to the St. Michel Environmental Complex where they're turned into compost distributed to residents free of charge or converted into wood chips to be used as mulch for city landscaping projects. Finally, a handful of trees are kept as is through the winter, positioned as windbreakers on outdoor skating rinks around the city.

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