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Montreal May Weather


Montreal May Weather
montreal may weather climate temperatures average

Montreal May weather not only feels like spring, it actually looks like it too.

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Montreal May Weather: Climate, Average Temperatures*
May is a lovely month to be in Montreal. Not only does it feel like spring, it looks like the season too.

  • Average May temperature: 14.5ºC / 58.1ºF
  • Average May high (day): 19ºC / 66.2ºF
  • Average May low (night): 10ºC / 50ºF
  • Record high: 32.8ºC / 91.04ºF
  • Record low: -5ºC / 23ºF
  • Precipitation**: anticipate 9 days of moderate to heavy rain in May and 13 days involving light on-and-off showers mixed with sun and/or cloud. One day of snow flurries is a faint, but distinct possibility.
  • Consult Today's Montreal Weather Forecast
Montreal May Weather: What to Wear
Anticipate storing winter duds away and showing a bit of skin, though you won't regret bringing a jacket with you for evening outings.
    Visiting Montreal in May? Pack:
  • long sleeved shirts, sweaters, short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts to be layered with cardigans, fleece and outerwear
  • cardigans, wraps, blazers, jackets, windbreakers, trench coats
  • pants (long or cropped), jeans, skirts/dresses with or without tights, leggings
  • closed toe shoes, open-toe shoes and sandals, boots
  • sunglasses and sunscreen; a sunhat may be useful
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*Source: Environment Canada. Average temperatures, extremes and precipitation data retrieved September 14, 2010. All information is subject to quality assurance checks by Environment Canada and may change without notice. Note that all weather statistics as presented above are averages compiled from weather data collected over a 30-year period.

**Note that light showers, rain and/or snow may overlap on the same day. For example, if Month X features an average of 10 days of light showers, 10 days of heavier rain and 10 days of snowfall, that does not mean that 30 days of Month X are typically characterized by precipitation. It could mean that, on average, 10 days of Month X could feature light showers, rain and snow within a 24-hour period.

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