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Montreal July Weather


Montreal July Weather
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Montreal July weather is hot! It's also humid, so be prepared to sweat: much like in New Orleans, 30ºC (86ºF) in Montreal can feel more like 40ºC (104ºF).

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Montreal July Weather: Climate, Average Temperatures*
The most active month of the year in terms of outdoor festival fun, it's hot in July! It's also humid as hell, so be prepared to sweat: much like in New Orleans, 30ºC (86ºF) in Montreal can feel more like 40ºC (104ºF).


  • Average July temperature: 22.3ºC / 72ºF
  • Average July high (day): 26.6ºC / 80ºF
  • Average July low (night): 17.9ºC / 64ºF
  • Record high: 36.1ºC / 97ºF
  • Record low: 7.8ºC / 46ºF
  • Precipitation**: anticipate 11 days of moderate to heavy rain in July and 12 days involving light showers.
  • Consult Today's Montreal Weather Forecast
Montreal July Weather: What to Wear
Dress light. Very light. Don't go near anything polyester lest you live to soon regret the foot-wide patch of sweat expanding over your torso as you bake in what feels like saran wrap covering your body. Instead, opt for natural, lightweight fabrics like linen, a comfort saver on a hot and humid festival day, and consider merino wool t-shirts and tanks, which wick away sweat without damaging or discoloring the fabric.
  • Visiting Montreal in July? Pack:

  • shorts, linen pants, short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts, tank tops, summer dresses (particularly maxi dresses which are comfortable on a warm day and yet can withstand a temperature drop in the evening)
  • light cardigans (e.g., linen, merino wool), wraps, light cotton jackets, blazers, windbreakers
  • long pants, jeans, leggings made with breathable material
  • closed toe shoes, open-toe shoes, sandals
  • sunglasses, sunscreen are a must year round; sunhat could be useful
  • umbrella and/or raincoat
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*Source: Environment Canada. Average temperatures, extremes and precipitation data retrieved September 14, 2010. All information is subject to quality assurance checks by Environment Canada and may change without notice. Note that all weather statistics as presented above are averages compiled from weather data collected over a 30-year period.

**Note that light showers, rain and/or snow may overlap on the same day. For example, if Month X features an average of 10 days of light showers, 10 days of heavier rain and 10 days of snowfall, that does not mean that 30 days of Month X are typically characterized by precipitation. It could mean that, on average, 10 days of Month X could feature light showers, rain and snow within a 24-hour period.

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