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Montreal Vintage - A Montreal Vintage Guide - About.com
The Montreal vintage shopping scene is alive, well and hotter than ever. Find the best Montreal vintage shops, vintage clothing friperies, thrift shops and more ...
A Shopping Guide For Vintage in Montreal
Montreal vintage shopping isn't just about clothing. Some shops also sell accessories, footwear, knick knacks, furniture and in the case of Montreal vintage store ...
Montreal Vintage - A Montreal Vintage Shopping Guide
The Montreal vintage shopping scene is alive, well and hotter than ever. Whether you've gone second-hand to save money, save the environment or save ...
ERA Vintage - Montreal - About.com
ERA Vintage Wear has only been around since 2005 and yet it's already a leading Montreal vintage shopping destination, attracting Hollywood celebrities as ...
Friperie St. Laurent - Montreal - About.com
Friperie St. Laurent, one of Montreal's better known vintage shopping destinations, can be a hit. Or miss.
Eva B - An Eva B Vintage Shopping Guide - Montreal - About.com
Eva B is a Montreal vintage shopping mainstay, a thrift shop that's been hot for decades, years before vintage became the "in" thing to buy.
Rokokonut - A Rokokonut Montreal Vintage Shopping Guide
Rokokonut, a Montreal vintage shopping hot spot and little sister store to Kitsch 'n' Swell, its commercial neighbor, offers a slightly different variety of vintage ...
Leora - A Leora Vintage Shopping Guide - Montreal - About.com
Leora is a vintage shopping must on the Montreal circuit, owned by Nicole Pelletier, a film costume designer with a 40-year track record.
Les Folles Alliées - Montreal - About.com
Les Folles Alliées, a Montreal vintage shopping destination, features vintage apparel, couture creations and costumes suitable for theatre productions and street ...
Sharyn Scott - A Sharyn Scott Vintage Shopping Guide - Montreal
Sharyn Scott isn't so much a Montreal vintage shopping destination as it is a contemporary secondhand couture store, but it's known to carry some serious gems ...
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