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Montreal Concerts: December 2012

By December 6, 2012

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Montreal concerts this December 2012 include appearances by Skrillex, Simian Mobile Disco, St. Lucia, Tegan and Sara and more.Above: hot off yesterday's news of their first Grammy Award nomination for Best Long Form Music Video for their DVD Get Along, Canadian sisters Tegan and Sara currently live at opposite ends of the country, with the former in Vancouver and the latter camped out here, in Montreal. Currently on a North American tour, they're slated to perform in Montreal on December 16, 2012 at Metropolis. Photo courtesy of Tegan and Sara © Lyndsey Byrnes

December is easily the slowest month for concerts in Montreal. Or anywhere for that matter. Not much in the way of big tickets, there's a huge drop in shows altogether as of the end of the world December 21, which happens ever year as holiday season takes hold. But there's still plenty of gems to enjoy, as I've discovered sifting through said limited listings.

Blackbird Blackbird
Honolulu native turned San Francisco resident Mikey Maramag has come a long way from his Blink-182 cover band phase in middle school. Graduating from guitars to drums to finally synth, the man behind Blackbird Blackbird dubs his soft electro sensibilities folktronica. An ardent DIYer, Maramag did everything from produce to publicize his latest release, Boracay Planet, which just came out last October, streamable here courtesy of the Hype Machine, part up-and-comer marketing coup, part freebie thank you to fans for entirely crowdfunding the video for All, the EP's first single (see below). Blackbird Blackbird performs on December 7, 2012 at Underworld.

St. Lucia
How did a travelling choirboy from Johannesburg who eventually had enough of studying Bach end up in New York? For the same reasons I fought tooth and nail to work for a once New York Times company. To push beyond my every limit and become the best. "It's the only place I've ever lived where it seems like everyone is trying to do everything to the highest level possible, and that always challenges you and inspires you to do your best work," echoes the voice and heart behind St. Lucia, Jean-Philip Grobler in a YandP.tv interview. And if the growing praises on his subject across the blogosphere are any indication, Grobler might have a point, one that came to a head at last March's SXSW when St. Lucia was declared one of the best of the fest. My top pick of the month, catch St. Lucia on December 10, 2012 at Divan Orange.

Sunrise and Good People
Montreal indie rock band Sunrise and Good People was seeded by a childhood friendship between Xavier Auclair and Eric Bolduc. Bring in François Cyr and Simon Dolan and the rest is history in the eventual making. At least I hope. I'm crossing my humble fingers local and national media will eventually catch on to their warm, enticing, polished sound. I mean, knowing Montreal's longstanding big fish small pond pathology that has this way of ignoring and/or starving its local-born world-class talent into giving up and/or leaving the city altogether, do you think we can we make an exception for these guys? If they're good enough for the Dalai Lama, surely somebody can slap them on the cover of an alternative monthly or something. Sunrise and Good People perform December 13, 2012 at Divan Orange.

Simian Mobile Disco
I've had a soft spot for the Londonite electro duo ever since I joined About.com back in 2008. Hard not to notice them. Simian Mobile Disco tends to drop by Montreal like twice a year. And, apart from a brief single release pause in 2011, they always seem to be pumping out new material, suggesting an obsessive compulsion not unlike the characters in their latest video, Seraphim (see below). Me likes. Simian Mobile Disco performs December 13, 2012 at Club Soda.

Nothing says "losing my electro street cred" quite like shouting out Skrillex. Reminds me of when a certain music reviewer called me out over a decade ago for openly enjoying the uncoolness of Ally McBeal. Hey, at least I have the guts to admit the cheese in my closet, sweetheart. Or when a friend whose mother named her after a lizard dumped me because I cried when I met Skinny Puppy's Cevin Key at La Belle Province at four in the morning? It was a special moment, okay?! BITE ME. Skrillex performs December 27, 2012 at New City Gas.


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