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Evelyn Reid

Adam Cohen in Montreal: Tonight

By November 9, 2012

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adam cohen montreal leonard music evelyn reid"I mean I knew his father, everyone does, but I didn't know about him until tonight. He was really good! But can you imagine dating that guy?!" - Anonymous South Carolina travel writer, on her impressions of Adam Cohen's music and constant mention of his favorite topic -- women -- during and in between songs at his July 4, 2012 concert at the Metropolis. Photo courtesy of the Montreal Jazz Festival

"I would like to tell you a little story. You know when you watch a game of soccer and then some crazy person appears on the field completely naked? I was watching TV once and I saw someone do it. And I noticed that this particular person was exceptionally beautiful. And she was only wearing panties. She got arrested and she made it on the news. I jotted down her name and called my agent right away. I said "Jake, you must find this girl. I want to collaborate with her." [Pause]. And I'd like to introduce you to her." - Adam Cohen, introducing stunned guest singer Marilou to the crowd on July 4, 2012. Marilou insists this did not happen.

Just want to offer a quick shout-out to Adam Cohen. Performing in Montreal tonight at Monument National's Salle Ludger-Duvernay, I had a chance to see him live last July and while I concur with my anonymous South Carolina travel writer on most points, I'd say he's a little more than really good.

Charismatic presence? Check. Top-notch off-the-cuff improv and storytelling skills? Check. Mid-concert onstage inter-band Tequila break complete with soundtrack? Yep.

But that was all cake icing. Mind you, I'm rather fond of icing but my point is Adam Cohen has officially found his voice. His third album, Like a Man, released in Canada November 2011 and then in the U.S. last April, is the kind of full-lengther you actually want to buy. No commercially-driven filler, no frilly bores, no yawners like on his previous two albums, it's composed of tunes dating as far back as his teen years, songs he stopped himself from recording out of fear they wouldn't sell.

"My father would ask me all the time, 'when are you cutting that f***ing song? What is your problem?" He'd say I'm a complete idiot for not recording my best stuff. And I really thought to myself, 'poor guy. He truly doesn't understand that these songs have no mobility whatsoever, they will never make the radio, my management will think I'm crazy, my label will sneeze at them. What does he know?'" -Adam Cohen, in a 2011 interview with The Telegraph's Neil McCormick on how it was only on the eve of his 40th birthday that he finally woke up and revealed his true voice.

Tickets are $41.51 plus service charge and still available for tonight's 8 p.m. show at Monument National. Expect the 100-minute set to consist of tracks off Like a Man as well as covers of some of his father, Leonard Cohen's best work. Worth every penny. Buy tickets.

A big thanks to former Canadian Idol judge Jake Gold for granting access to Adam Cohen's July 4 concert for media coverage purposes.


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