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Evelyn Reid

Danny Bhoy's Wanderlust Hits Montreal

By July 20, 2011

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danny bhoy just for laughs montreal 2011 review"I've done comedy long enough to know most comedians would never open on Tuesday. Because there's nothing good about Tuesday. Monday, you've still got the buzz of the weekend, and then Wednesday, you glimpse at the possibilities of the next weekend. But Tuesday's shit. It just sits there like a f***ing ... you'll find you laugh tonight and then you'll remember it's Tuesday and it actually pulls your laugh back. You'll sit there, "hahaha, wait, it's Tuesday?" But it's a good thing for comedy purposes to do a show on Tuesday because that's when you find out the mettle of your material. If someone laughs on a Tuesday, they'll f***ing fly on a Friday." Photo © Evelyn Reid*

I crinkle my eyes in the worst way when I belly-laugh. Which is fine. Adorable even. If you don't wear makeup. Otherwise -- and I blame this phenomenon on my pain-in-the-ass though delightfully anti-aging oil slick of a skin type -- one laugh too many can lead to smears usually expected from mug shots, restaurant breakup scenes, mind-blowing sex, 48-hour benders, crack binges ... but from attending a comedy gala?

danny bhoy just for laughs montreal 2011 review"So relax. And enjoy yourselves. But don't relax too much. I had a woman at a show, a few weeks ago, breastfeeding in the front row. 'Carry on', she said. Now don't get me wrong, I think it's one of the most natural and beautiful things in the world. But not with a baby sucking on the end of it." Photo © Evelyn Reid

So. How was Danny Bhoy?

As good as a dime-sized blotch under my left eye.

And that's possibly a personal best.

The Irish Scottish comic, occasionally mistaken for a Bollywood Indian cinema heartthrob, I quote, has this uncanny knack for faux ad-lib, taking what seem like un-tailored, in-the-moment gags and running with them throughout an evening.

danny bhoy just for laughs montreal 2011 reviewPhoto © Evelyn Reid

And he is so smooth about it.

No sweat beads on forehead, no underarm stains, no fleeting do-I-suck-do-they-hate-me facial expressions -- even veteran Eddie Izzard flashed a couple of those -- if it wasn't for the stage, you'd swear he was a dinner guest in your kitchen just shooting the breeze on viking crotch fashion and Qatar strip clubs. It's like he's not even trying, kind of like that smart alec we knew -- or were -- who'd skip weeks of class time in high school only to still get an A.

That's Danny. F***ing A.

Danny Bhoy performs Wanderlust at the Montreal Just for Laughs comedy festival July 19 through July 31, 2011. Tickets $41 plus service charge. At the Gesù (map). Buy tickets.

In line with About.com's and the New York Times Company's full disclosure policy, readers should be aware that Evelyn Reid was provided with complimentary tickets to review Danny Bhoy's Wanderlust, a common procedure in the entertainment industry. Also note that the latter gratuity has not influenced this review. For more information on full disclosure at About.com, please consult our ethics policy.

*Danny Bhoy, on the perils/blessings of opening a series of 11 shows at Just for Laughs in Montreal. On a Tuesday.


July 22, 2011 at 11:06 am
(1) James says:


Danny Bhoy’s “performance persona” is intelligent, intimate/engaging, exuberant and “bladder-disaster” funny.

He seems genuinely delighted to have you share in his absurdly exaggerated interpretations of life situations.

I’m glad he’s alive … and that I caught him at it. This is (at least) “the catch-of-the-day” … I recommend that everyone who can catches it also.


August 6, 2011 at 11:34 am
(2) Michelle says:

I love this guy! Hilariously funny and comes across
as though he is talking to you as a friend. We love
him in Australia. Come back to Sydney Danny!

October 1, 2012 at 2:59 pm
(3) Nafeesa Mangat says:

I never, ever thought I would have to be familiar with this thank
goodness for the web

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